Resume Objective Examples

If you already understand the importance of writing a resume objective statement, then you may wish to look at some resume objective examples. Reading examples is a great way to get a feel for the right way to go about turning your resume objective statement into an effective selling tool. Here are several different resume objective examples from several different approaches to this vital segment of the resume document.

By Position Title

These examples will always include two key pieces of information: the specific position title that you’re applying for and the skill set you’ll be using to fill that position.

  • Obtain a position as a financial advisor using my skills at building new business to create a broad customer base that profits the company.
  • An office manager’s position that takes full advantage of my relentless organization skills.
  • A paralegal specialist position requiring extensive experience with complex legal documentation.

By Type of Environment

If you have a vision revolving around the industry or work environment you are seeking, you may choose to tailor your resume around this fact. While the company doesn’t necessarily care what you want at this stage it’s always good to know that your own desires offer a good chance of helping you fit into the organization.

  • To join the restaurant industry by applying extensive management skills honed throughout my professional career.
  • To take my business-to-business sales experience to the next level by joining a large name brand company’s corporate team.
  • To use my desire to make a difference in a positive, proactive way and to use my negotiation and communication skills by joining the State’s Department of Children and Family Services.

By Professional Goals

This type of objective statement can be difficult because on the surface it’s all about you and your professional goals. This was true for the “type of environment” objective statement too, but it’s even more true for the professional goal statement. However, managed correctly, this type of statement can showcase your professional background, skills, and experience in a way that makes it clear that you will be a true asset to the company or organization that you are applying to. You can even work the name of the position back into this type of statement.

  • To use my marketing research and data analysis skills on a broader sale than ever before by joining a fast paced, large organization as a Strategic Planning and Market Analytics Professional.
  • To use my extensive educational background to provide inspiration, support, and leadership to teachers as a Director of Curriculum and Instruction.
  • To use my ability to lead and inspire sales representatives on a national level as the new North American Sales Director.

Points to Keep In Mind

You don’t have to be coy. There is nothing wrong with naming the specific organization that you’d like to work for in your objective statement. It will often act as a plus for you by demonstrating that you have tailored the resume directly to the company in question. Likewise, it’s always a good idea to use the specific position that was mentioned in the job opening, which helps hiring managers match your resume to the position they are hiring for. When you target skills you should try to mirror skills, qualifications and points of background that were mentioned in the job opening itself so the hiring manager will identify you as a good match during the short fifteen second period of time that he or she may spend giving your resume its first initial look. Subconsciously the hiring manager will note that you seem to be a good “fit” for the position and this person will typically put your resume aside for a closer look.
Even though we have provided some resume objective examples here you should be flexible while writing your own resume objective statement. Staying true to a specific resume formula or example is not nearly as important as crafting a selling, eye catching objective statement and doing so in just 1-2 sentences. If your objective statement doesn’t communicate “what’s in it for me” to the hiring manager it is likely to fail, even if it seems compact and pretty. Grab attention fast by staying relevant and you should find the resume objective statement to be an extremely effective tool for helping you land those coveted job interviews.

Additional Examples by Field


  • To use my technical and analytical skills to increase company profitability as an accountant.
  • Seeking a position in data entry using skills in spreadsheet development and troubleshooting.
  • An entry-level accounting position using my newly obtained B.S. in accounting.



  • To obtain a position as an office manager that will make extensive use of my communication and organization skills.
  • To apply problem-solving and ability to take initiative to an Administrative Assistant’s role.
  • To apply extensive multi-tasking skills to the Receptionist’s position.

Information Technology

  • To obtain an entry-level programming position in software design.
  • To use my solid modeling skills as a Design Engineer.
  • To obtain a position as a network administrator using an NT/Novell environment with WAN/LAN connectivity.


  • Science teacher position at the Secondary level.
  • To use my skills at inspiring and leading a class in a position as an Elementary School Teacher.
  • To use my friendly rapport with children and ability to pay attention to many things at once as a Lunch Room Aide.

Health Care

  • To provide quality health care to patients as a registered nurse.
  • To use training in orthopedics and sports medicine to obtain a position as a physical therapist.
  • To use artistic and sculpting skills to create custom dentures for a dental practice.


  • Seeking an Account Executive position where my consultative selling approach and relationship building skills will result in increased revenue for the company.
  • To obtain a sales management position utilizing my outside sales experience, management, and problem-solving skills to increase profits and bolster growth.